Missing Sequence Presets in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, Fixed

by alex on April 15, 2014 in Quicktips with 42 Comments

Okay, so if you’re like me this annoyed you to no end:

You installed CS6, but then either the first or one of the first times you loaded it, you couldn’t find 1080p Video Presets like how the little DSLR folder is usually right there:

Missing Presets in Adobe CS6

Missing presets in adobe cs6 used to look like this!

That’s because you installed a crack and it updated itself, or connected to the internet and negated the updates.

Here’s what worked for me (after hours of screwing around)

First of all, this is probably because of an update. If you can’t install updates (you know who you are) then skip this part. If you can, go to help>updates> and then restart the computer once its done.

If you can’t, then either watch this video I already made forever ago, or read more text


  1. Uninstall Adobe Master Collection and run the Adobe Cleaner and also CCleaner to scrub the registry clean of Adobe’s deep-seated infection
  2. Download a Seperate Installation of Premiere wherever you kids get all your programs from, but make sure it is a stand-alone copy.
  3. Disconnect Internet. Install the Master Collection, everything EXCEPT FOR PREMIERE AND ENCORE, do as you normally would applying cracks and not signing up for anything
  4. From your separate download, Install Premiere AS A TRIAL without connecting an Adobe Account. Please, for the love of god don’t connect to an Adobe account. Once its installed, go to help>updates. Run the updates on it.
  5. When Updates are complete, you can go block your hosts file (if not already ((Google it)) and then patch the Cracked DLL file over Premiere Pro’s .DLL file. You probably got these with your download of The Master Collection if you know who you are.
  6. Find an annnoying file called in C://Program files (x86)/Common Files/Adobe/Adobe pcd/cache/cache.db  – DELETE HIM (if you don’t see it there, that’s fine)

Should be good!

Moving forward: Block the Adobe Servers in your hosts file, Never apply updates after this (unless you manually download them) Never give Adobe internet access if it asks for it, and make sure that you apply the cracked .dll files to every adobe app folder for the apps you use before running them. Encore is it’s own problem, so no fixed encore for now.

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42 comments on “Missing Sequence Presets in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, Fixed

  1. Hi there! Thank you so much for these clear instructions…
    BUT… Supposing I know who I am and I do all that what happens to my premiere projects and what happens to my photos in lightroom? Do I lose all my work?
    Please help!

  2. Ehy man, I have CC2014. I always used CC without problem but now with 2014 one day all my sequence presets disappear, cause it says that my trial expired. I uninstall everything, I used adobe cleaner tool and I reinstall, but my sequence are missing again!

    I’m scared cause I have a lot of project that I can use!! What can I do?

  3. To make Encore cs6 work: just after following al these steps; download the portable version of Encore cs6.
    Take all the files out the portable version’s folder and put them on overwrite in the Encore folder jou installed with premiere pro!
    Just tried… AND IT WORKED!!!

  4. captain jack on said:

    if you had a previously installed copy
    CCleaner is not enough

    do adobe cleaner
    then ccleaner
    and then hit regedit manually

  5. hi

    I don’t know where to download a separate free Adobe cs6 premiere. someone assist with best link of download. This is very important to me.

  6. Thanks for your work!
    You mention in your instructions to NOT sign in to an Adobe account, but you can’t install the trial without doing so. What is the workaround? Cheers!

    • Hey, I figured out why which was a little unclear at first from the instructions. You have to be disconnected from the internet to open and run the program in Trial, and then re-connect to the internet to check for updates. Then you can disconnect again and apply all of the .dll files and such, and block the hosts before restarting. Still in the update process now so hopefully that works.

    • I get the same thing. Even after running adobe cleaner and ccleaner! I cannot open premiere pro without replacing the dll Please help!

      • Got the same problem. After running the adobe cleaner and ccleaner, I can’t get in trial mode to activate the missing sequence. Please help!

    • You need to install it on trial, and not on the “i have a serial number” mode, that’s just done on the full suite installation process.

      The steps are not very clear, so i’m gonna try to help you up.

      First of all disconnect from the internet.

      1.- Install the full CS6 Suite without installing Premiere, and add the amtlib.dll to every app you’ve installed.

      2.- Install a stand alone Premiere in trial mode.

      3.- While disconnected start the program, once the program is opened, proceed to reconnect and install the updates for all programs.

      4.- Disconnect and apply the host block and amtlib.dll to Premiere.

      That’s it.

  7. Alex González on said:

    Hi everyone.
    Thanks for Sharing all that important Info.
    I’ve got a problem which i can not fix .
    I’ve been editing with premier pro cs6 v6.0.5 for a year.
    Last week i started editing a proyect in a laptop by a hard drive and now i can not open in my computer ( diferent than the laptop )
    It says this: this project containd a sequence that Could not be opened. No sequence preview preset file or codec Could be associated with this sequence type.
    I’ve tryied many thing which i read by net. Neither worked in my case.

    I update it, i reinstall it, i tried to open other project and import the bad one….neither of those worked.
    I’m quite Nerves cause i have an important project to finish.

    Thanks for all your help.

      • Sounds like the video card is not recognized by Premiere. Received same error message when upgrading a from a GTX 680 to GTX 980 TI

        Try going to “C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Premiere Pro CS6” and deleting “cuda_supported_cards.txt” after backing it up (copy and paste in same folder is fine as Windows will rename it to cuda_supported_cards – Copy.txt).

  8. Garblesnix on said:

    Having installed Creative Suite CS6 on my IMac “by any means necessary”, will OleToro’s magic ‘amtlib’ still work?
    If so, is there something different I need to do (mac vs pc, and all that), or do I just find the existing ‘amtlib’ and replace, as per instructions?

  9. hashim on said:

    I don’t have in the exporting list mpg codac , so i can’t export my project in mpg format which i really need, pleas help

  10. Hey there! I got the same problem and since I didn’t success in its resolution I found a trick.

    In FCP, just set the settings of your sequence in a setting that you already have in PREMIERE (I used DV). Then export the xml and import it to PREMIERE. (It worked for me). Then create a new sequence with your preferences, and simply cut/paste all of your original sequence in this new sequence!

  11. Your style is so unique compared to other people I’ve read stuff from.
    Many thanks for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess
    I will just bookmark this site.

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