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We specialize in Crystal Clear, High Definition Video Production in Scottsdale, AZ

As technology continues to grow, the ability to achieve superior standards in Video Quality has reached a consumer level. High Definition video and quality audio is capable of being shared and viewed across a variety of platforms with impeccable quality and loading times. There has never been a better time to produce video than now.

Scottsdale Video Editing and Phoenix Corporate Video by Noble Studios
We film in 4K Ultra HD, Produce aerial drone photos and videos, edit and animate all our work, and work as a team member or camera crew on your project! Check out the Aerial demo reel.

Alex Harris Video Production, plans to connect your audience visually and engage them in whatever it is you do. Whether that is a product demo, training video, quarterly reports, commercial advertisement, or a number of other possibilities, we plan to develop a working relationship first, and then a stunning video right after.

“I’ve been working with Alex for several years now and he’s always been outstanding in his standards and presentation. We do several videos a year for convention, training, internal use and a few other venues, and he has catered to what we were looking for and done an outstanding job at it.” – Blair Gran, President & Founder Speedpro Imaging

What sets us apart:


  • Hollywood level Post Production – Alex is a Los Angeles Post-Production professional by trade, versed in several programs and all the tools necessary to color correct, stabilize, master audio, and make an outstanding product you’d be proud to show your mother. You’ve never seen Video Editing in Scottsdale like this…
  • Motion Graphic Imagery – We pride ourselves on the standard of the Visual Aids we supply. With our productions, you can expect to see some 3D elements and advanced 2D Motion wherever will drive the point further. This includes product graphics, kinetic typography, animated logos/intros (above) as well as Graphs and Charts that are alive and moving. Anything to engage the audience.
  • Crystal Clear HD Video standard – All of our videos are produced in Full High Definition at 1080p.
  • A Working Relationship – Talk to us, because we are here to tailor to your needs. Some jobs require a little more planning, and we’re okay with that. Give us a call and we can work it out.


Alex Harris Scottsdale Videographer

More info on our Scottsdale Video Production Google Docs Page!