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Upgrading from DSLR – How I got way more work and what to look for in a Camera (feat. Canon C100)

by alex on March 16, 2016 in General Advice, Quicktips with No Comments

upgrading DSLR when you should do it, and which camera


When Why and How to upgrade from a DSLR (Canon t3i for me) and which camera to pick… Or at least how to KNOW which camera to pick. Personally, for me, the Canon c100 fit very well into my work but you need to TRY ONE OUT before you buy and actually work with it, see how it fits the work you do in a day and what drawbacks it gives you.

Here is some test footage I used from this video
Canon C100 Daylight:…

Canon C100 Lowlight:…

HERE are my fantastic training videos/ebook on DSLR video production for as little money possible and how to avoid all the mistakes I made for years:


Here is the Video I made outlining the reasons and benefits


The benefits of the DSLR like a Canon t3i are no longer exclusive, but the drawbacks are:

  • Poor/Useless Audio
  • Attachements for every new function
  • Lack of On-Board, easy to adjust buttons
  • Small screen – difficult to grab focus with
  • Difficult to adjust when using Prime Lenses, changing lenses mid-shoot
  • Battery Life
  • Recording Limits (you can’t film live shows, concerts, speeches, conferences, etc. because of 12 minute limit)
  • Networks have standards, want a camera that has more videographer approach, easier for run & gun, better build
  • Just the perception alone that a client will pay you less/won’t take you seriously and causes you to lose work (whether you know better or not)

I still LOVE the t3i and I even make a set of how-to videos/ebook on all my secrets for getting the most out of it and mistakes I made (… But once you are done learning from the camera and want to move up to something bigger, stronger and more professional, you should rent a camera you are interested in, TRY it out and see how it fits your workflow and what you need it for, and if it gives you want you want AFTER ACTUALLY WORKING WITH IT FIRST, then invest the money. You’ll be happy you did

Missing Sequence Presets in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, Fixed

by alex on April 15, 2014 in Quicktips with 42 Comments

Okay, so if you’re like me this annoyed you to no end:

You installed CS6, but then either the first or one of the first times you loaded it, you couldn’t find 1080p Video Presets like how the little DSLR folder is usually right there:

Missing Presets in Adobe CS6

Missing presets in adobe cs6 used to look like this!

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Corporate Videography Quicktips – Better Referrals through matching branding

by alex on April 11, 2014 in Quicktips with No Comments

Scottsdale Videographer Alex Harris

talks about an easy way to bring yourself better referrals, which lead to more business, through matching the clients branding.

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Corporate Videography Quicktips – Recurring Business through Happy Clients

by alex on April 07, 2014 in Quicktips with No Comments

Corporate Videographer Alex Harris talks about an easy way to bring yourself more work through better referrals.
Alex works through Noble Studios, which specializes in Corporate Videography in Scottsdale, AZ and the Phoenix area.
View samples, The Demo Reel, and Contact info

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