What you will get from Us and not Them:


This photo looks like an exageration. It is not. RAW format + Software Coloring is a night and day difference to standard photography methods


Scrub unsightly pieces from construction sights or the scenery




What you will NOT get:

  • Shakey, jerky aerial shots from amateur settings and gimbal calibration
  • Straight-from-the-camera, low-quality renders that the tiny built-in drone processor gives by default
  • Camera-Operator and Photographer fore-most, not someone who has a nice drone but doesn’t understand photography principles
  • Artsy but unmotivated worker, as so many film/photographers are. They tend to be into the craft but not into showing up on time, dressing appropriately, providing input, being a teammate, answering an email


When searching for a Drone Videographer in Phoenix, AZ or Scottsdale, you want to be certain you are paying for the absolute best. Don’t gamble and receive something sub-par, make certain you get exactly what you’re looking for – basically, we can help you out.

Great for:

  • Resorts and Hotels
  • Car Dealerships and Lots
  • Construction
  • Triathalons/5k/marathons
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Luxury Real Estate
  • Events and Conventions

DJI Mavic Pro – 4k Drone Video that stands out from the competition
Alex Harris is a part 107 compliant FAA Licensed Drone Videographer and Photographer in phoenix and scottsdale, AZ – so no stress about breaking the law and getting sued for unlicensed flying!

All photos are in RAW format and colored/processed before I send them back to you.
Footage is filmed in 4K Cinema and Ultra HD.
I also do long-exposure, evening shots, timelapses, etc – just ask.

We film with a DJI Inspire and the DJI Mavic Pro – a 4k Drone with a 3-axis gimbal to handle shakes, wind, and any kind of movement so the image is still. Your video will look cinematic and stand out from the competition. Other drones look like a mosquito filmed it and sometimes you can see the blades. Check out our sample so you know what we mean when we say we pay attention to the little things.

The most balanced image outdoors – the dynamic range on the Phantom is powerful enough to pick up the deep shadows and the extremely bright sky – a shortfall of the typical drone models and something that makes the footage look incredibly professional

On-camera Gimbal – lets this puppy really pan or fly by without any noticeable movement, buzzing, jiggling or anything at all. This allows for long-exposure still photography at night or evening, like this shot I took in Telluride, CO



Filming is $200/hr
Photos are $200/hr

I love to travel, don’t be shy to ask about out of town prices!

Feateured: Ancala Ranch, Scottsdale, AZ
Telluride, CO
La Jolla Cove, CA


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  1. Sandra Shoupe-Gorga

    have you prepared any aerial video for use in court?

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