Canon announces C100 Mark II! Here’s why we don’t care…

Okay honestly, I knew the moment I bought a Canon C100, an upgrade would come out within the week – thank god I was wrong and instead this time I had over 10 days to play with it.


The most badass camera you can get in 2012, coming December 2014:

I really like Canon cameras for a billion reasons, the color, the quality, the ergonomics of the actual camera in your hand… But I never really get excited when they announce something new because while Panasonic GH3 goes from 1080p to 4k, XLR support, 120 fps slow motion, etc… Canon adds an internal mic (so you don’t have to use the handle’s tiny microphone) and 1080p 60fps… and the price goes back up to $5,500 dollars. But, to be fair, I would take these upgrades in a heartbeat. 1080 60p, a better viewfinder, better LCD (current one sucks ass) and Dual Pixel auto-focus while filming makes this my ideal camera… But for a new model, and new higher price?…

Compared to the original C100,

Here’s what the Canon C100 Mark II can do:

  • 1080p 60 fps
  • Better LCD/Viewfinder

Here’s what the new Canon can’t do:

  • Get rid of AVCHD codec
  • Shoot in 4k (even through HDMI output alone)
  • Shoot higher than 60 fps
  • Improve Dynamic Range
  • A bit-rate higher than 24/mbps
  • 4:2:2 internal color space
  • A viewfinder that can TILT UPWARDS (or left or back, or anywhere other then behind the camera)
  • Make me a cup of Ramen Noodle

Still a GREAT great camera, but worth the upgrade? I think I’m going to wait to get a used one and trade mine in way after it comes out in December 2014

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written by Alex Harris – Corporate Videographer in Phoenix and Scottsdale

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