Video for SEO purposes, How it works and why video is important

The Video side of SEO is still pretty much a new avenue, but it’s growing quickly. Remember when SEO (search engine optimization) was still a new thing? Don’t you wish you had hopped on that bandwagon when it was still new?

As internet bandwidth continues to grow, more web pages are forcing videos down your throat without asking… and that’s for a reason.

Since video is rich content (which means Google can’t read it like text) search engines are dependent on incoming links, how relevant it is, metadata, and other factors to decide its worth.


How Video help your website
Videos purpose in SEO


Follow these one great steps to how you can take advantage of video for SEO!

1.)    Upload your video to Youtube/Vimeo/etc and Tag the living Sh%t out of it 🙂

The problem with loading content on your own site is that unless you’re confident you can get people on your site, they’ll always prefer the major ones… And so will Google. In the Search Engine’s eyes, they know YouTube and Vimeo… They’re old buddies and what-not, meanwhile YOU are someone new. It’s better to get a recommendation through Google’s old buddy than it is to come out of the blue and try to convince them you’re good to go.

Pages like YouTube already rank high and are trusted and look very good in the search engines eyes when you link your content back to it.

Warning: You will have to absolutely make CERTAIN that you fill in the info for these videos, otherwise they serve you no purpose. This includes description, title, tags, and hopefully a link back to your website.


Further into the Rabbit’s Hole:

Here are some basic tips that will assist in the promotion of your video:

  1. Post your video everywhere. Exposure is king… that means keep it YouTube but post links to it in necessary places, however, it wouldn’t hurt to have it in more than one site and could actually be helpful.
  2.  You can use social bookmarking webpages to help garnish views and gather a following. This works no matter which avenue you choose, especially if your video gets super popular… It will probably spread to others anyways.
  3. Make sure the video has the ability to be shared on other people’s sites to make it easier for passing around. This option is super important for the ability to go viral and be seen by the maximum amount of viewers (and potential clients) YouTube, Vimeo and most have this built in.
  4. You can also add a .txt file with your script typed into it and YouTube will automatically match the narration in the video and give you subtitles for the video. Works REALLY well for SEO and makes the video far more find-able from a search engines perspective.

The most riveting aspect of a video is quite possibly the value of the content you add to your website. If you can take the time to place a video on your site to ease an explanation or avoid having to use a wall of text, it makes it easier on your viewers and they are much more likely to see you as a professional or keep returning to your webpage.


Here my video with an explanation of what the heck SEO is and how it works with video

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