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But First...

Why this guy?

Ha. Glad you asked.

Advanced Lightroom Processing

Standard Guy's JPG - what they deliver to you

After RAW Processing in Adobe Lightroom

Low-Light Rescue

You wouldn't tell unless you saw the original.

This was only as visible as the left photo in real life. Editing can rescue shadows while maintaining rich texture and not loosing quality.

Before - JPG

After RAW Processing through Lightroom

I will make you pretty - don't worry.

Ahh young love.

Here's Doug. He's so excited about getting married he's sweating visible buckets in front of all his friends and family in the eternal Phoenix heat.

Luckily, his friends online will never know and the photos maintain that he looked calm and ready.

Also works great if a rogue pimple appeared overnight just before your shoot - don't sweat it!

Okay - Finally. What do you want to see?