About This Guy

I Travel a lot. I eat all the crepes when I travel to those places.

Other than that crucial information, there are some minor things of interest about me.

I teach a course on Aerial Photography and a course on Cinematography and Editing. It’s all online with my partner who runs Drone Launch Academy.

I’ve filmed for networks – (ESPN, Fox Sports Arizona, Discovery Health)

I’ve filmed/edited for more – (Intel, Toll Brothers, Nike, KIA)

Written so many scripts – lots of my clients treat me like an off-site Video Department, they want a One-stop shop for top to bottom video work they can just give guidelines to.

Directed most of those as well.

I have worked remotely for 2 years exlusively in Motion Graphics in After Effects and Premiere. Betwen long-term gigs (like that one) I go from project to project and explore in the meantime, which is an outlet for trying new things like Timelapses, Drone Work, things like that.

I built this website also – didn’t put Web Work on my resume though because for the most part it SUCKS.

I had a brain tumor in October '17.

Apart from the small 1 year setback of my life and credit, I'm now back to working full-time again (finally).

my actual skills

Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Audition
Wordpress/Web Building

All of them Combined

Want to talk to me about your project?