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Picture Quality


We film primarily with a Canon C100 cinema camera – a hybrid camera system with the functionality of a video camera as well as the crisp, dynamic clarity that normally only cinema cameras are capable of – and along with the Atomos Ninja II external recorder we can record to straight to SSDs with 220mb/s Prores — Okay, so aside from a ton of technical mumbo-jumbo, the bottom line is that it’s the highest image quality you can achieve in 2014. Whether the setting is indoors or out, sunlight, clouds, shadows, fire, anything… you will see it all with a sensor and recorder this powerful. Bringing Canon C100 and Operator to a city near you! (jk that’s Scottsdale)


Let’s Talk Audio

we use the finest audio equipment for our videos

If the picture looks good the audio should be great (general film rule of thumb) We have top notch wireless recievers – Sennheiser G3 – that pick up no interference from all the wireless, radio, and 3g devices that freckle the event scene these days (iPhones, tablets, speaker systems, etc) Our wireless lavalier’s have the power to circumvent all these mediums to create a crystal clear signal straight from the bride & groom to the camera.


Industry Grade Equipment

Industry Grade film equipment including tripods, sliders, and other support in scottsdale

We have the equipment to support every run-and-gun situation with ease, so all you have to worry about is looking pretty.

Fluid Head Tripod means no jittery, hard or ugly pans or adjustments
Image Stabilizations means our lenses correct and balance themselves
Camera Sliders mean more cinematic camera movement for you
ND filters on our lenses mean you get a beautiful blue sky or colorful sunset without you being dark or underexposed. Honestly, we could go on forever, just trust us on this…



Expertise in Post Production

we edit all our footage with premiere, after effects, and the adobe systems

Our editor (Alex Harris) is a Los Angeles-seasoned editor with expertise in fields we can’t fit in this description. You might have the best footage in the world, but if the editor doesn’t have an intimate understanding of all the technical hoo-ha that it takes to run an editing rig these days, it might come out looking very underwhelming. Editing/stablilizing/audio/color-correction… If its in post-production, its our strong suite. You will look good, we guarantee it.