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We film primarily with a Canon C300 cinema camera – a hybrid camera system with the functionality of a video camera as well as the crisp, dynamic clarity that normally only cinema cameras are capable of . Also the Panasonic GH5 for 180fps slow motion and B-cam.

Coupled with a Rokinon 24mm f1.4, that is about the best low-light performance you will find in Phoenix. Literally under candle-light beneath this text.

Primary Focus on Audio

People will sit through bad video, but NOBODY will sit through bad audio. We have top notch wireless recievers (Sennheiser G3) that pick up no interference from all the wireless, radio, and 3g devices that freckle the event scene these days (iPhones, tablets, speaker systems, etc.) 

Our wireless lavalier’s have the power to circumvent all these mediums to create a crystal clear signal straight to the camera.
The Rode NTG3 Shotgun Mic is also one piece of hardware that has been well worth the money.

Supertelephoto lenses to get all the expression no matter how far away during weddings and speaking events

Fluid Head Tripod means no jittery, hard or ugly pans or adjustments
Image Stabilizers means our lenses correct and balance themselves
Camera Sliders mean more cinematic camera movement for you
ND filters on our lenses mean you get a beautiful blue sky or colorful sunset without you being dark or underexposed. Honestly, we could go on forever, just trust us on this…

Expertise in Post Production

You might have the best footage in the world, but if the editor doesn’t have an intimate understanding of all the technical hoo-ha that it takes to run an editing rig these days, it might come out looking very underwhelming. Editing/stablilizing/audio/color-correction… If its in post-production, its our strong suite. You will look good, we guarantee it.

Equipment List



Canon 24-105mm f4
Canon 100-400mm f5.6
Sigma 24-70mm f2.8


Sennheiser g3 wireless lav
Rode ntg3 shotgun mic
Zoom h4n recorder
Audio Technica AT2020 for narration work
Manfrotto 502HDV Fluid Head tripod (for c300)
3rd party amazon fluid head (for the gh5)
Seemless white backdrop / green screen
900 bank LED lighting x 2
500 bank LED lighting x 2
Macbook Pro to transfer footage on-site
40-inch konova slider
GoPro Hero 6
DJI Mavic Pro – licensed FAA part 107 pilot