Video Editing and After Effects

This guy is an editor? What makes him so special...

STRONG After Effects

Wide Variety of products/touch-ups/logos/ rotoscoping/titles/2d animation. I’ve lost track at this point.

This means animated titles, logos, lower thirds, transitions, anything to help make the message clearer.

Above and Beyond Audio Care

This is not your normal editors audio enhancements. I export to Audition to clean out background hiss, buzz, car honks, planes, etc. This software is so powerful its become a necessity to me.

Color Grading

Just because yes, everybody loves to see that. Don't worry I will make you look pretty.

Full-Time Remote hire

I just spent 2 years working 50 hours a week for a company overseas doing game trailers, rotoscoping, title animation and the like. This is only to say I have a solid record of managing things independently, getting things finished under a crunch. I actually prefer the pressure and a deadline, it helps me prioritize.

Machinery to Support Both

I have a home studio with 2 monitors and a sound booth.

I built my PC – I7 6800k 32GB RAM, 20TB Storage 4TB of SSD, GTX 1080 ti.

I also have a Macbook Pro to edit on location and for any risky situations (like finishing a project on a plane.)

But here's my reel from my Corporate site

And some finished Samples.
I wrote, directed a 12 person crew and edited this one:

Partially filmed, Animated, Motion Tracked Stock Footage:
I filmed the interviews and wrote the script as well.

Clients just handed over photos, gave guidelines and said "Make something nice."

This is just pure Character Animation - I don't spend ALL my time doing it, but here's some of the work I have done.