how to save money on Conference

Scottsdale, Arizona

Conferences are DAMN Stressful. I’ve had to help plan some myself. Let me save you a ton of trouble, time, and sourcing vendors.

If you don’t care for the whopping 1-minute video, take twenty seconds out of your life to look at WHY below

The problem with this big meeting you're planning...

Is that you need filming AND photos.
But each are scattered throughout the day...

You would have to pay EACH person for their full day of work
PLUS overtime for a 12+ hour day!

1 Photographer Dayrate + Editing
$ 0
Videographer with two 4K Cameras, lighting & Audio
$ 0
Drone Pilot - 2 hour minimums
$ 0
4 hours wasted on Editor JUST to Download and Review Footage
$ 0

$2550 Total!

These are VERY conservative rates. I've seen $4000 spent on a package like this.

DON'T pay multiple vendors for 2 hours of actual work spread across your meeting.

Pay a fraction of the cost, have one point of contact
and one specialist to reference for EVERYTHING.

same package
$ 0

Alex Harris

I do a LOT

Get corporate headshots while everyone is at one place!
It's a great icebreaker.

(more photo info at bottom)

Would you seriously rather have a pen with a logo as a giveaway?

Every photo is processed to make you pretty.

Now let's talk about Video.

Post-Hollywood Editor

Listen to the before and after. All the audio is cleaned and enhanced.

Is that a normal service?

No. But I just care about you so dang much <3

After Effects Animation

Animated Logos, Titles, Transitions for you!

Advanced Color Grading to make you look the best you can

But HERE is my actual Conference Demo Reel
with Interviews, B-Roll, Aerial shots, etc. (if you missed it from the front page)

Speaking of which, Drone Photos and Video of the Event!

Because I honestly don't know anyone who doesn't like that.