Licensed Remote UAV Pilot
Aerial Photography and Drone Video

The Best and Most Serious Equipment. The Best.

Highest Quality Drones for the best dynamic range (ability to see brights and shadows at the same time. Check out this footage of the Mavic 2 Pro on a totally bright day in Phoenix. In this much sun its do or die when it comes to lighting correctly. Don’t hire someone who shoots without an ND Filter to reach a 1/50 shutter in this much light!

2018 Portfolio Reel

Photographer and Camera Operator FIRST

Why does it look so much better?

I was already a Camera Operator and experienced Photographer BEFORE getting my license.

Cinematography Principles I’ve learned as a career are easily applied to these cameras. In fact for video, it is crucial to have an understanding of framing and movement – how to calibrate the gimbal and functions in the drone to move smoothly, as well as the muscle memory to control it.

It's all edited and processed. TRUST ME you need this.

I teach courses online on how to Process photos to do things like remove trash in the landscape, recover from bad lighting conditions and weather, enhance shadows and shoot bracketed HDR so that all the image is visible.

Color Grading for Each Environment

$200/hr - Standard Color Editing Included

Travel is Okay