What an Animated Explainer Video can do for you

Animated Videos are the best way to tell your story from the customers perspective. The characters help demonstrate how your product or service relates to them, including the typical problems they face without your help. This video can be any length, and we price per minute of completed video – that includes scripting, narration, and concept. All we need from you is a direction and we can take care of everything else. Turnaround time is typically 2 weeks from brief to completion, and as far as animated video goes in Phoenix, we’re probably one of the fastest & most competitively priced!

This form of animation is ideal for you if any of the following apply:

  • You hate being on camera
  • Your concept is too abstract to film – something that isn’t tangible (IT concepts, cloud hosting, most things data related)
  • It would cost to much to film the scenes you want to film with live action footage
  • You’re a startup, or don’t have the actual complete process to film (yet) Think apps that are still in concept and not yet operating.
  • You love cartoons

Here is a great example of a concept for an IT company called Trapp that had a unique approach to redundant internet service, that would have been boring if we had filmed a bunch of wires and blinking lights


Phoenix and Scottsdale Explainer Video Animation Motion Graphics from Noble Studios on Vimeo.

Call today we’ll give you a quote!
We typically do Animated Explainer Videos in the Phoenix, AZ area, but since nothing needs to be done on-site, we can do this for you from anywhere!

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  1. Leslie Brown

    I would like a quote for an Explainer cartoon. Possilbly one minute and fifteen second’s long.

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