If you’re looking for a camera man, namely a Canon C100 camera operator in Scottsdale or Phoenix, let’s talk about how we’re different:

We film with a Canon C100 cinema camera – a hybrid camera system that has the function of a video camera and crisp, dynamic clarity of a cinema camera used in film – the highest image quality you can achieve in 2014

Canon c100 the best camera in our opinion for corporate video in phoenix
The Canon C100

The clearest image outdoors or in – the dynamic range in the sensor of the Canon C100 can handle outdoor events in the bright phoenix sun, or the darkest nighttime events underneath candle light. Really a powerful tool.

We record directly to memory cards or drives so that as soon as filming is done, we can either take it into post ourselves or hand all the footage over to you right away so that you can do with it as you please.

Fluid head tripods, image stabilizers, professional lighting, camera slider, and audio equipment – including wireless – allow us to give you a clean, smooth, professional looking image without the flat image, unprofessional jitter and muffled audio you often find in a low quality production.

Canon C100 filming a live event
Canon C100 camera videographer in Phoenix and Scottsdale area

Here’s some of our convention footage in a very low-light situation

Scottsdale Convention Video Sample Footage filmed in Phoenix, AZ from Noble Studios on Vimeo.

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  1. Jon Spurling

    Hi there. I have an event coming up at the end of July (date TBC). It is a 2 hour live event that I would like the have filmed. Can we talk about your pricing and availability? Thanks

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