FREE Stock photos

$200/5 clips of footage

scottsdale & Phoenix, arizona

Obviously this is me^

Alex Harris Licensed Drone Operator

What's the Catch?

No catch beyond credit. Just credit my website with a link where you post it.

Email me about which you want and I'll send you a download link for the full resolution file.

Footage is $200 for 5 clips. Color Updated and sent with a Google Drive link.

About Me:

Pay a fraction of the cost and have one point of contact.

ONE specialist to reference for EVERYTHING.

I do a LOT

4K Filming

HIGH Grade Wireless Lav + Boom Mics

Cool-running LED Lighting (no sweats)

Multi-Camera Interview Setup

Audio Cleaned/Enhanced in Adobe Audition


YES Full-Service
NOT a 2nd Rate Shop

ALL Photos RAW Processed in Adobe Lightroom

Shot on Full-Frame 5D Mark III with Canon Glass. See the before/afters


Hollywood-Seasoned Editor

Advanced Color Grading to make you Pretty

After Effects Animation for Logos, Titles, Transitions, Typography, 2D Explainers

Aerial Photo + Video

(part 107 Licensed Drone Pilot)

Couldn’t forget about Drone Work, my extra special specialty.

Check out the Online Courses I teach on Aerial Cinematography, Filming, Editing, and Photos


There is NO Competition to RAW Processing

See exactly why we do better

Filming + Editing

Same Rate as the other guys but with way more perks

Like Audio Cleaning, Animated Transitions, etc.
See (and listen) to the samples.

Drone Video + Aerial Photo

Licensed Part 107 Pilot

I can fly legally - don't worry about getting sued haha.
I also teach courses online.
I want to have the smoothest movement and richest picture you'll find in Phoenix.

Call Me
or text (preferred)