Scottsdale Video Editing

If you’ve been left with a pile of footage and are looking for Scottsdale Video Editing, or more specifically, someone that can give it a treatment – who really knows what they are doing – we have someone who might interest you…

Scottsdale Video Editing by Alex Harris: Experience in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Final Cut, Avid, Mocha, and much more.
Scottsdale Video Editor Alex Harris – Enjoys fishing and eating cheesecake.

Alex Harris – Our on-staff Post-Production, has a mastery of the craft. With thousands of hours of editing time under his belt, he has about as deep an understanding of the process as you could hope to find, especially so close to home. Alex has recently moved back to Scottsdale from Los Angeles where he worked on various projects for film and TV. Needless to say, the standards are very high, and fortunately he can handle pretty much any Scottsdale Video Editing project¬†you could throw at him. He also has a very profound understand of Motion Graphic Imagery… What does that mean? It means watch the demo reel and look for all the incredible graphic animations! And if you prefer animation only, plenty of people are requesting that as well! You can check out that work on our Samples Page.

Alex has an expert-level knowledge in:

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Final Cut Pro

And many more plugins/programs that aid in his Video Production. His work is featured on our demo reel on the front page, and can be watched in the demo reel below:


If you would like someone to take over your project, help you finish where someone left off, or are only looking for a very talented, Los Angeles grade, Hollywood level Animator and Video Editor in Scottsdale, then contact Alex today, he takes stuff on like this all the time!

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