Winter in Scottsdale – Canon c100 b-roll and timelapse footage of Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona

Winter in Scottsdale from Alex Harris Video Production on Vimeo.


Filmed during December – Scottsdale, AZ remains one the most well rounded and thankfully undiscovered cities in the western United States. Nightlife, beautiful houses, restaurants, shopping, weather and plenty of sun.
Special thanks to my friends at Butterfly Wonderland for the on-screen performers, Top Golf Scottsdale, Scottsdale Waterfront, the big blue thing, horseys, camelback mountain and everyone else who helped

Butterfly Wonderland –
Scottsdale Waterfront –
Top Golf Scottsdale –
Jewelry, Bevs Beadz –

Alex Harris

Filmed with a Canon C100 and Canon 24-105 f4
Timelapses with a Canon t3i and Sigma 24-70mm f2.8
ND Grads for the evenly lit skies and ground
Used a Atomos Ninja 2 for dark shots that needed more data for brightening later
Konova K2 Slider – some timelapses were also done with this slider and the motor attachment Konova sells, really great product

Filmed over about a month in Scottsdale, AZ – every time I saw something and thought “gee that’s neat” really
Some shots I already had but the majority was filmed in December
Timelapses, hyperlapses actually, were done with an introvelometer; taking a step forward after every shot and making sure with my camera’s viewfinder square lined up with exactly the same target each time, then repeating. Takes A LOT of screwing up before you know how to do it right, but tons of fun

Song: High by Peking Duck

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