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Scottsdale Video Production Company, Noble Studios, has a few tips and tricks for videographers looking to make a living in corporate videography. While the production side of things may be fun and it’s what we’re all excited about, the business side of things is what gives us the ability to keep going in the world of corporate videography.

Upgrading from DSLR – How I got way more work and what to look for in a Camera (feat. Canon C100)

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upgrading DSLR when you should do it, and which camera


When Why and How to upgrade from a DSLR (Canon t3i for me) and which camera to pick… Or at least how to KNOW which camera to pick. Personally, for me, the Canon c100 fit very well into my work but you need to TRY ONE OUT before you buy and actually work with it, see how it fits the work you do in a day and what drawbacks it gives you.

Here is some test footage I used from this video
Canon C100 Daylight:

Canon C100 Lowlight:

HERE are my fantastic training videos/ebook on DSLR video production for as little money possible and how to avoid all the mistakes I made for years:


Here is the Video I made outlining the reasons and benefits


The benefits of the DSLR like a Canon t3i are no longer exclusive, but the drawbacks are:

  • Poor/Useless Audio
  • Attachements for every new function
  • Lack of On-Board, easy to adjust buttons
  • Small screen – difficult to grab focus with
  • Difficult to adjust when using Prime Lenses, changing lenses mid-shoot
  • Battery Life
  • Recording Limits (you can’t film live shows, concerts, speeches, conferences, etc. because of 12 minute limit)
  • Networks have standards, want a camera that has more videographer approach, easier for run & gun, better build
  • Just the perception alone that a client will pay you less/won’t take you seriously and causes you to lose work (whether you know better or not)

I still LOVE the t3i and I even make a set of how-to videos/ebook on all my secrets for getting the most out of it and mistakes I made (http://qtwastaken.com)… But once you are done learning from the camera and want to move up to something bigger, stronger and more professional, you should rent a camera you are interested in, TRY it out and see how it fits your workflow and what you need it for, and if it gives you want you want AFTER ACTUALLY WORKING WITH IT FIRST, then invest the money. You’ll be happy you did

Winter in Scottsdale

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Filmed during December – Scottsdale, AZ remains one the most well rounded and thankfully undiscovered cities in the western United States. Nightlife, beautiful houses, restaurants, shopping, weather and plenty of sun.
Special thanks to my friends at Butterfly Wonderland for the on-screen performers, Top Golf Scottsdale, Scottsdale Waterfront, the big blue thing, horseys, camelback mountain and everyone else who helped

Butterfly Wonderland – butterflywonderland.com/
Scottsdale Waterfront – scottsdalewaterfrontshopping.com/scottsdale.html
Top Golf Scottsdale – topgolf.com/us/riverwalk/
Jewelry, Bevs Beadz – bevsbeadz.com/

Alex Harris

Filmed with a Canon C100 and Canon 24-105 f4
Timelapses with a Canon t3i and Sigma 24-70mm f2.8
ND Grads for the evenly lit skies and ground
Used a Atomos Ninja 2 for dark shots that needed more data for brightening later
Konova K2 Slider – some timelapses were also done with this slider and the motor attachment Konova sells, really great product

Filmed over about a month in Scottsdale, AZ – every time I saw something and thought “gee that’s neat” really
Some shots I already had but the majority was filmed in December
Timelapses, hyperlapses actually, were done with an introvelometer; taking a step forward after every shot and making sure with my camera’s viewfinder square lined up with exactly the same target each time, then repeating. Takes A LOT of screwing up before you know how to do it right, but tons of fun

Song: High by Peking Duck


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What an Animated Explainer Video can do for you

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Animated Videos are the best way to tell your story from the customers perspective. The characters help demonstrate how your product or service relates to them, including the typical problems they face without your help. This video can be any length, and we price per minute of completed video – that includes scripting, narration, and concept. All we need from you is a direction and we can take care of everything else. Turnaround time is typically 2 weeks from brief to completion, and as far as animated video goes in Phoenix, we’re probably one of the fastest & most competitively priced!

This form of animation is ideal for you if any of the following apply:

  • You hate being on camera
  • Your concept is too abstract to film – something that isn’t tangible (IT concepts, cloud hosting, most things data related)
  • It would cost to much to film the scenes you want to film with live action footage
  • You’re a startup, or don’t have the actual complete process to film (yet) Think apps that are still in concept and not yet operating.
  • You love cartoons

Here is a great example of a concept for an IT company called Trapp that had a unique approach to redundant internet service, that would have been boring if we had filmed a bunch of wires and blinking lights


Phoenix and Scottsdale Explainer Video Animation Motion Graphics from Noble Studios on Vimeo.

Call today we’ll give you a quote!
We typically do Animated Explainer Videos in the Phoenix, AZ area, but since nothing needs to be done on-site, we can do this for you from anywhere!

Canon announces C100 Mark II! Here’s why we don’t care…

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Canon c100 mark 2

canon c100 mark 2 announced for release December 2014

Okay honestly, I knew the moment I bought a Canon C100, an upgrade would come out within the week – thank god I was wrong and instead this time I had over 10 days to play with it.


The new camera has a better viewfinder and LCD thank goodness

The new camera has a better viewfinder and LCD thank goodness

The most badass camera you can get in 2012, coming December 2014:

I really like Canon cameras for a billion reasons, the color, the quality, the ergonomics of the actual camera in your hand… But I never really get excited when they announce something new because while Panasonic GH3 goes from 1080p to 4k, XLR support, 120 fps slow motion, etc… Canon adds an internal mic (so you don’t have to use the handle’s tiny microphone) and 1080p 60fps… and the price goes back up to $5,500 dollars. But, to be fair, I would take these upgrades in a heartbeat. 1080 60p, a better viewfinder, better LCD (current one sucks ass) and Dual Pixel auto-focus while filming makes this my ideal camera… But for a new model, and new higher price?…

Compared to the original C100,

Here’s what the Canon C100 Mark II can do:

  • 1080p 60 fps
  • Better LCD/Viewfinder

Here’s what the new Canon can’t do:

  • Get rid of AVCHD codec
  • Shoot in 4k (even through HDMI output alone)
  • Shoot higher than 60 fps
  • Improve Dynamic Range
  • A bit-rate higher than 24/mbps
  • 4:2:2 internal color space
  • A viewfinder that can TILT UPWARDS (or left or back, or anywhere other then behind the camera)
  • Make me a cup of Ramen Noodle

Still a GREAT great camera, but worth the upgrade? I think I’m going to wait to get a used one and trade mine in way after it comes out in December 2014

Photos and info curtosy of THIS ARTICLE on nofilmschool.com


written by Alex Harris – Corporate Videographer in Phoenix and Scottsdale

What to expect when moving from a DSLR to a Canon C100 (or other current hybrid cameras) – lenses, equipment, and other ish

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I bought a Canon C100 a little while ago for the things I’ve heard from it online, watching vimeo samples, and mostly because I liked the way the Canon picture looked out of a DSLR (even though people moan about it all the time) so I wanted to stick with them.

Around this time, October of 2014, these things are going for about $4000 for just the body used on ebay. I found someone who was selling a kit with a Canon 24-105mm f/4 and a rode mic, so I paid $4600 for it, which i’m very happy with.

First things first – This thing is freaking big. If you’re going from a DSLR to this camera, get ready for that because I always heard it was “small”… Yeah, maybe compared to a 90’s Videotape camera, but seriously it’s a brick. It’s heavy, solid metal, and sounds like a airplane when it turns on (but only for a few seconds)

Second, there are so many buttons, and once you learn where all of them are you will be tearing up when you realize you will never have to go dig through 8 menus to find “zebra” again. Everything is where it should be on this camera, that’s why I picked it over a Sony fs100. It has like 8 record buttons (okay, like 3) and the “magnify to get focus better and then pull back out” button is right next to your thumb ALL the time.

Also, there is a nipple thing that controls the whole menu, its really fun to use.

canon c100 with 24-105mm lens is beautiful

This is how big the camera actually is on a table (instead of those pure white background photos you always see)

I’m using this for corporate video production in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ. I do live events and seminars, things like that. It is honestly weird being able to press record and not touch it for a 3 hour live show. Seriously. I’m so used to worrying about waiting 12 minutes and then starting again, making sure my Zoom H4n is still recording audio, trying not to touch the delicate little DSLR so that the picture won’t shake, and a billion other things. It’s just easy with this camera.

I will say that I’m much less prone to getting rad shots though. Because the camera is heavy, I don’t feel like crouching down and pointing it upwards from knee height while people are dancing at a wedding because its difficult to do since it’s bigger. I will definitely use my t3i again and again because 1.) it’s WAY more discreet, 2.) it’s so much lighter and easier to put in difficult, tiring, hazardous conditions since it’s cheap and light, and 3.) I still like taking photos 😀

What are the absolute necessities with the camera?

Well, a fluid head tripod for one – one with a sturdy shoe because the camera is actually heavy. I don’t think the cheapo amazon.com fluid head will hold it well, which I used to use. You’ll probably need a manfrotto 502 (what I have). I’m using the 24-105 Canon lens on it and I’m absolutely in love with the lens. I don’t care about it going lower than f/4 because I never want to have depth of field that shallow anyways. Super tiny depth of field looks very amateurish now thanks to a billion kids with t2i’s and nifty 50’s (50mm 1.8 lens) and the ISO on this thing goes up to like 20,000 and it’s usable up to 12,800 – seriously. The onboard mic sounds pretty hollow, but that’s to be expected. The Rode ntg2 that I got with it is MAGNIFICENT and i’ll be leaning on it heavily forever, you will need one (or at least a shotgun mic for it)


I had a Sigma 24-70 f2.8 lens before I got this new 24-105. I thought it wouldn’t be ccompatiblewith the C100’s auto-focus or something…


As long as it is an EX lens made for a full frame sensor, yes you will be fine. It will even take the Canon 18-55mm Kit lens, because there is an EF-S mode you can choose in the menu. I don’t know about sigma DC or other aps-c crop sensor lenses, because I don’t have on to try. I can’t believe I couldn’t figure this out before, nobody said anything online. I tried “can my sigma lens work on canon c100” and a billion other variants and not a word. From anybody.

The 24-70mm sigma 2.8 works perfectly on the canon c100. Autofocus is fine and the camera speaks to the lens without a problem

The 24-70mm sigma 2.8 works perfectly on the canon c100. Autofocus is fine and the camera speaks to the lens without a problem

Moving forward – if you are upgrading from a DSLR… Jesus you will lose your mind – not when you first get it, but when you actually use it. Seriously, a life changer.

Me and bae

photo 2

Video for SEO purposes, How it works and why video is important

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The Video side of SEO is still pretty much a new avenue, but it’s growing quickly. Remember when SEO (search engine optimization) was still a new thing? Don’t you wish you had hopped on that bandwagon when it was still new?

As internet bandwidth continues to grow, more web pages are forcing videos down your throat without asking… and that’s for a reason.

Since video is rich content (which means Google can’t read it like text) search engines are dependent on incoming links, how relevant it is, metadata, and other factors to decide its worth.

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Camcorder vs. DSLR (with sample footage) or Should I get a dslr for video?

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Not sure if you should upgrade to a DSLR or a camcorder?

Good. Let’s not waste time:



  • Amazing picture/sensor on camera. Stunning 1080p and it doesn’t even try hard
  • Incredible in low light, handles lens flairs, different color temperatures, and all lighting situations WONDERFULLY
  • Super affordable – T3i is only $400-ish nowadays (find one on craigslist)
  • Cinematic properties – Uses depth of field, actual lenses, F-stop, ISO, color profiles, etc.
  • Takes you in the right direction if you want to go into narrative film or high-budget creative work
  • Stunning photos… I mean, that’s what it was built for, but that let’s you do ACTUAL TIMELAPSE not the hokey stuff you always see
  • Fits inside of all kinds of small places and you can have lenses for everything (fish-eye, super far away, etc)

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DSLR Raw Footage Samples for Download (Canon T3i)

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DSLR Raw Footage Samples for Download HERE

Download sample t3i footage here!

Sample Frame in broad daylight

I’ve given you a few options here, from my personal favs in a variety of different situations so if you’re looking into getting this camera you can see what the footage will look like.

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Great review from Phillip Bloom on our favorite camera, the Canon C100

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Here’s a GREAT in-depth review from Phillip Bloom on why the Canon C100 fits the bill for 95% of what we’re trying to do on a day-to-day basis

Phillip Bloom’s Blog

C100 review

Phillips Blog

He’s got a ton of great reviews, check out his blog!

Featured on other sites!

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