Video for SEO purposes, How it works and why video is important

The Video side of SEO is still pretty much a new avenue, but it’s growing quickly. Remember when SEO (search engine optimization) was still a new thing? Don’t you wish you had hopped on that bandwagon when it was still new?

As internet bandwidth continues to grow, more web pages are forcing videos down your throat without asking… and that’s for a reason.

Since video is rich content (which means Google can’t read it like text) search engines are dependent on incoming links, how relevant it is, metadata, and other factors to decide its worth. (more…)

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Camcorder vs. DSLR (with sample footage) or Should I get a dslr for video?

Not sure if you should upgrade to a DSLR or a camcorder?

Good. Let’s not waste time:



  • Amazing picture/sensor on camera. Stunning 1080p and it doesn’t even try hard
  • Incredible in low light, handles lens flairs, different color temperatures, and all lighting situations WONDERFULLY
  • Super affordable – T3i is only $400-ish nowadays (find one on craigslist)
  • Cinematic properties – Uses depth of field, actual lenses, F-stop, ISO, color profiles, etc.
  • Takes you in the right direction if you want to go into narrative film or high-budget creative work
  • Stunning photos… I mean, that’s what it was built for, but that let’s you do ACTUAL TIMELAPSE not the hokey stuff you always see
  • Fits inside of all kinds of small places and you can have lenses for everything (fish-eye, super far away, etc)


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